My Story

Our environment, especially in Jacksonville, is one of our most precious commodities. Unfortunately, our environment is getting unhealthier every year. I wish to be part of the solution that keeps our environment clean, safe, and sustainable for generations to come. This solution starts with personal efforts from everyone in the community. We cannot behave in the same way and expect our environment to fix itself. So how can we build a better environment for tomorrow?

I will encourage and facilitate organizations to work together to help educate our community about preserving our environment. We need to come together to teach everyone the importance of protecting our soil and water and show them how this can be done. If multiple community organizations, businesses, schools, and leaders coordinate and combine resources we will be able to educate each other to see real change.
Harmful pesticides and fertilizers are having an extreme impact on the health of St. John’s River. As part of the Soil and Water Conservation District, I will work hard to eliminate these pesticides and fertilizers in our community and encourage organic, natural lawn care. My goal is to leave the office with at least a 30% increase in yards that do not use harmful fertilizers by informing homeowners of which fertilizers are safe to use, and which ones are harming our beautiful waterways and vital soil.
Many people do not truly understand how vital our environment is to our economy here in Florida. Cutting funds for the environment is cutting funds for our future. Through networking and education, we can successfully lobby Tallahassee to provide more funding for resources that improve and/or protect our environment. I will put in the time and energy that is required to make this happen.