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Ramadan Dinners

Every year, during the holy month of Ramadan, Sel and Angie extend invitations to hundreds of their friends, colleagues, and neighbors to join them for dinner as they break the fast. They have been hosting Friendship and Gratitude Ramadan Dinners for 16 years, and since 2017, they have opened their doors to the community, welcoming an average of 350 people each month. 

The evenings begin with engaging conversation that fosters sharing and compassion while everyone gets to know each other in the Buyuksarac’s living room.  In keeping with the Islamic tradition, our hosts and other followers have fasted from dawn until dusk during this special month and beautifully prepared the Iftar, or the fast-breaking evening meal. As soon as the sun set and the food is ready, guests transition to the dining area for prayers and to celebrate their blessings through a potluck style dinner. 

In 2023, Sel and Angie took their vision beyond their home to offer their hospitality as they collaborated with WJCT to organize two public dinners called Experience Ramadan, which took place within the news studio. These events garnered remarkable participation, with people coming out to endorse inclusivity and diversity and gain knowledge about Ramadan. 


Sel and Angie are excellent role models for bringing people together in a world that strives to divide us. They remind us to embrace similarities rather than differences among people of all religions and walks of life. 


As Sel says to everyone who comes to dinner at his home - come as strangers and leave as friends. 

Friendship and Gratitude


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